Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No Turning Back Now!

So, it's a done deal. Today I officially registered for the Scotia Bank Toronto Water Front Marathon! That's right the FULL MARATHON... gulp! On September 26th, 2010 I will hopefully run 42.2km! This distance still seems so far off, but I know that if I keep up the training, listen to my body and keep a positive attitude it will be possible and I will cross that finish line upright and smiling... fingers crossed!

They say this race is supposed to be "flat, fun and festive" and I am hoping it is all of these things. 2 of my good running friends also signed up today and we were all equally as nervous, but there is strength in doing it together. We are staying at the race Head Quarters hotel the Marriott. I love hotels and heard this one is great!

I have no time expectations for this race and only want to finish. They asked my the expected time and I put down 4:46 +. My only hope is to finish, and what an amazing accomplishment that will be. When I run the full with my dad for his 50th birthday in October 2011, I will hope to improve on the time.

Today I also signed up for the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon. This race is special to me because it is the race my dad runs almost every year. My dad is alos going to do the hald this year instead of the full because he says that he doesn't have the time to train properly this year because he is coaching a few soccer teams. I am a little disappointed but glad we are still going to be able to do this all together. My borther Jordan followed in our foot steps and also registered. It's a family affiar! I partiularly love this race because you start in the U.S., cross the bridge into Windsor and then go back to Detroit through the tunnel... very cool!

So my race schedule for the next few motnhds is as follows:

-August 21st- Mid Summer Night's Run (Toronto) 30k

-September 12th- Chicago Half Marathon (Chicago) 21.1k

-September 26th- Full Marathon (Toronto) 42.2k

-October 17th- Detroot Free Press Half Marathon (Detriot/Windsor) 21.2k


  1. Congratulations!!! So happy that signed are going to finish and it will be amazing!

  2. Congratulations! You are going to finish and you are going to do amazing. What great goals!

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