Sunday, July 4, 2010


So today I ran a very hot 19k and I actually ran with a group of 5 of us which I really liked and while they chatted back and forth I listened to my headphones and joined in the conversation on the walk breaks. After a year and a half of running, I still find it difficult to talk while running no matter what the pace. And I still rely on my MP3 player to get me through a run long or short. 5 k is about the longest I have ever ran with out music. I get the music is a huge crutch for me and I honestly think that I would just walk if it gave out during a long run.

There are several reasons why I love my headphones. Firstly, it keeps me pumped. My running buddies have rep roted back to me that they know it must be a fast paced song because I run a little faster or they see better posture (something I need to work on). Secondly, I find it difficult to talk while running and I think people don't talk when they see you are listening to music. I love my running friends and love chatting with them, but it honestly takes everything I have to run and chatting, especially on the long runs is too much for me at this point. Thirdly, I hate listening to myself pant because it makes me feel exhausted, the headphones block that out.

Recently one of my running friends gave me a iPod Nano and an arm band. Before this I was using firstly an iPod Shuffle, then my iPhone. I accidently washed my i-pod shuffle and I found the i-phone cumbersome and the band terrible for shafing. The arm band is awesome! IT is made of dry-fit fabric and is super comforatable; it is made my Nike (my favorite running products)! She also gave me the Nike+ iPod chip, which I have not figured out how to use just yet but my thoughts on this will come too! It is great to have such wonderful friends who really get you!

The Running Room is generally against listening to music especially in a group run. So I have broken the rule and continue to listen to music, despite what RR tells me. I have explained to everyone I run with why I do it and that it's not that I am a snob and most people get it. I am always amazed at those who can carry a conversation and run, I love talking and would love to find running almost effortless to the point where I can chat. Perhaps when I can chat while running this will when I call myself a runner. It is definitely something I may try to when myself off of at some point, but not now.

P.s- The Globe and Mail produced an article proving that music can increase a workout especially with upbeat music.