Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No Turning Back Now!

So, it's a done deal. Today I officially registered for the Scotia Bank Toronto Water Front Marathon! That's right the FULL MARATHON... gulp! On September 26th, 2010 I will hopefully run 42.2km! This distance still seems so far off, but I know that if I keep up the training, listen to my body and keep a positive attitude it will be possible and I will cross that finish line upright and smiling... fingers crossed!

They say this race is supposed to be "flat, fun and festive" and I am hoping it is all of these things. 2 of my good running friends also signed up today and we were all equally as nervous, but there is strength in doing it together. We are staying at the race Head Quarters hotel the Marriott. I love hotels and heard this one is great!

I have no time expectations for this race and only want to finish. They asked my the expected time and I put down 4:46 +. My only hope is to finish, and what an amazing accomplishment that will be. When I run the full with my dad for his 50th birthday in October 2011, I will hope to improve on the time.

Today I also signed up for the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon. This race is special to me because it is the race my dad runs almost every year. My dad is alos going to do the hald this year instead of the full because he says that he doesn't have the time to train properly this year because he is coaching a few soccer teams. I am a little disappointed but glad we are still going to be able to do this all together. My borther Jordan followed in our foot steps and also registered. It's a family affiar! I partiularly love this race because you start in the U.S., cross the bridge into Windsor and then go back to Detroit through the tunnel... very cool!

So my race schedule for the next few motnhds is as follows:

-August 21st- Mid Summer Night's Run (Toronto) 30k

-September 12th- Chicago Half Marathon (Chicago) 21.1k

-September 26th- Full Marathon (Toronto) 42.2k

-October 17th- Detroot Free Press Half Marathon (Detriot/Windsor) 21.2k

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Survived Post Vacation Run

Well, it wasn't pretty, but it wasn't as ugly as I thought it was going to be. Getting back at 5am and not sleeping that well combined with being in vacation mode did nothing to help getting back into running. But at the same time let's be realistic it was only 5 days not 5 months. I think I need to give my self a break, easier to say now I have completed the first run post vacation.
Today's run. following clinic night on heart rate monitoring, was a simple 6k. I felt really great the first 10 mins then began to fatigue but I made it. Glad it's over.
I think running is taking up so much of my time. I mean don't get me wrong I really enjoy it and really love the friendships I have gained. My husband thought I was so silly for going on and on about missing the 16k LSD on Sunday. And it's true my family has had to sacrifice while I make running my top priority. I have been told it will be worth it... fingers crossed!


So I have not run for 5 whole days!! I am worried about getting back out there. It doesn't seem like a lot, but it is more days in a row that I have not ran in a very long time. After being in the sun and relaxing for 5 days I am worried about tonight's 6k run. So far my running circle has told me not to worry about it; that my body will probably benefit from the little break. We shall see. I am also really nervous that I missed the 16k LSD run on Sunday. Luckily the 16k will be repeated this Sunday. So off I got to clinic night 4 and a easy 6k.... fingers crossed!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Marathon Clinic Week 3 done!

So we are moving a long quite nicely in the marathon clinic and I must say so far so good! We have had some good runs and some more challenging!
This week I had a great 6k run, I really pushed myself and only took 2 walk breaks. The walk breaks really help me and I rely on them to get me through. The Running Room uses 10 mins walking and 1 min running and this works well for me. When the going gets though I just say to myself just make it through this interval and then you get a break. It is totally psychological but it works.
Wednesday night was a 10k and that went ok, the route was full of hills and I HATE hills even though I know they are good for me and my training. Friday I ran at the wee hours of 6:30am and had a nice 5k with 2 great friends who were nice enough to join me at this early hour.
Sunday I had a really great 13k run and really tried to remember that it was an LSD (long slow distance). I started it out nice and slow and felt amazing towards the end. The truth was it turned out to be quite a good time. There is something to be said for not going out to fast. I am learning that it takes me about 25 mins - 35 mins to get into the grove of my long runs! I am learning as we go!
This week I would have liked to have gotten one more run in but 4 plus a boot camp isn't bad. The boot camp is fun but it is killing my shoulders. 2 days later I can still feel it.
Week 4 here we come!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Marathon Clinic & Boot Camp!

So I am currently in the second week of the Marathon Clinic... so far so good! I am keeping up with the schedule and commit ed to maintaining it. I think my running buddies and I have decided that running needs to happen 4x a week + one day of cross training. So for cross training we have joined a boot camp! What fun this will be! I am actually looking forward to doing something other than running to spice things up. And super excited to do it with my running friends! The friendships that I have made are getting me through this and after every run, short or long, it is those women who make me think I can do it again!
So here we go I am back on the Blog, keeping up the running, learning, laughing and sweating a lot! The heat is here and it looks like it is here to stay. I HATE the heat! I would rather run 20k in -16 than 5 in +30. I keep telling myself that our bodies will eventually adjust. Come on body... remember that you did run last summer!!!

Long time no see!

So, I have not updated this blog in quite sometime, however I am back!!! Haven't taken a brake from running but have been discouraged. To make up for my sick Retina Race I decided to do the Forest City Road Race Half Marathon. Although this was a better run, I only came out 4 mins. faster than Retina. The course was harder, the hills seemed to be steeper and I made the classic mistake of going out to fast! Even though 2:34 was a race PB it wasn't even close to the 2:26 that I ran when we ran the Retina Route 3 weeks before the race!
So what is the deal? Why are races turning out to not be that great? I am never really nervous, I mean I know I am not going to win so I may have a couple of butterflies before the race but nothing crazy. Maybe I am not excited enough. I don't know.
Even though it wasn't the time goal I wanted it was awesome to see so many people cheer me on. I really appreciated the support and just when I thought I couldn't go anymore there was a friendly, familiar face telling me I could.
So, it's been 14 months and I have 3 half marathons under my belt. Am I a runner yet?