Sunday, June 13, 2010

Marathon Clinic Week 3 done!

So we are moving a long quite nicely in the marathon clinic and I must say so far so good! We have had some good runs and some more challenging!
This week I had a great 6k run, I really pushed myself and only took 2 walk breaks. The walk breaks really help me and I rely on them to get me through. The Running Room uses 10 mins walking and 1 min running and this works well for me. When the going gets though I just say to myself just make it through this interval and then you get a break. It is totally psychological but it works.
Wednesday night was a 10k and that went ok, the route was full of hills and I HATE hills even though I know they are good for me and my training. Friday I ran at the wee hours of 6:30am and had a nice 5k with 2 great friends who were nice enough to join me at this early hour.
Sunday I had a really great 13k run and really tried to remember that it was an LSD (long slow distance). I started it out nice and slow and felt amazing towards the end. The truth was it turned out to be quite a good time. There is something to be said for not going out to fast. I am learning that it takes me about 25 mins - 35 mins to get into the grove of my long runs! I am learning as we go!
This week I would have liked to have gotten one more run in but 4 plus a boot camp isn't bad. The boot camp is fun but it is killing my shoulders. 2 days later I can still feel it.
Week 4 here we come!


  1. Four runs plus a bootcamp is a great number! Do not worry about are following the training plan...the last thing you want to do is over train and burn out or worse get injured...once bootcamp is finished you'll have plenty of time to get another run in! You are doing such a great job Kellie! Keep up the amazing work...Less than 4 months now!

  2. Thanks Alicia! Your encouragement is always appreciated!