Thursday, September 16, 2010

All By Myself!

Since I started running I have made friends with a lot of really great people. And I like running with them so much that I work extra hard to keep up with them. On the short runs this usually isn't a problem but once we get into the long runs I can only keep up for so long. I usually can maintain for about 15-18km then I fall back. By the end of the run I have walked more than I would have liked and feel like crap.

As it turns out I had to go to a wedding on labour day weekend and needed to run on the Friday. I even took the day off work, lol! So at just after 6am I headed out for the longest run ever- 35km!! I started out nice and slow and was able to maintain. I met my very dear running friend for a water stop at her house at about 10k and again at about 18k. I felt incredible and I was actually enjoying running.

I stuck to my 10 and 1's. At about 25km it started to pour. I was soaked. I ended up waiting under the Wonderland Bridge for about 15 mins. and then headed out again. I only ended up running a tad over 33km that day because my route was adjust a little shy. However, I felt awesome afterwards and even wore very high heals out that night! Usually after a long run I am out for the day.

Running at my own pace is something I need to appreciate. I am now convinced it will actually make my times faster and definitely adds to the "fun" factor. While I love my running ladies on the longs runs I need to run at my own pace. Running alone is character building and it has given me more confidence for the marathon!

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