Monday, January 3, 2011

The Turkey Trot 2010

This is my second year doing the Detroit Turkey Trot. It was a tradition that my dad has shared with my brother for the last several years and now I have joined in. The Turkey Trot is on Thanksgiving Thursday and it is a really fun run. There are lots of people and lots of costumes.This was a fairly good run for me 1:01 again! I really need to get my 10k to an hour or less, definitely a goal for 2011. I only walked at the water stops and felt great the whole way.

This year we must have left later because getting into the parking took forever. My dad ended up dropping us off and he went to park. he missed the start and started with the walkers and just ran on. My Garmin worked fine this time and it was nice to see my pace.

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