Monday, April 12, 2010

Run for Retina 2010 Half Marathon

Yesterday was the 2010 Run for Retina! What an amazing day it was for a run 14 degrees and a beautiful sunny sky. There was just one problem- I was sick. All winter long I have not been sick and then surprise here it is! My throat started hurting on Wednesday and I knew it was coming. Despite pumping Cold FX and living in denial, my fever on Saturday spoke volumes but I was determined to run. My dad was visiting and running the race too and I really worked hard at not allowing him to know how sick I really felt.
The morning of the race I took Tylenol Cold and Flu and went to the race. It was so amazing to see all of my running buddies there and it was really the perfect day. I was armed with Kleenex and a hanky from my dad.
John Stanton was also there to help cheer us on, that was really neat. He even got in our group picture, which I will try to post soon!
And it was awesome having my dad there. I told my dad to run his own race and thank goodness he listened. My bestie and I ran together and for the first 15-16k we were right on track for a half of 2:20-2:25 and then I hit the wall. My lungs hurt and I started coughing up green phlegm (gross I know). At 17k I had to take a few extra minutes to walk and the truth is I think I gave up a bit. I knew I wasn't going to be able to get my goal time and I gave up until this really wonderful woman caught up to me. She kept me going all the way to the finish line. I seriously owe her and she did such an amazing job!
When I got the the 20k mark, I still felt as though it was too far. I came around the corner and saw my dad he ran alongside me and cheered me on. My other running buddy was there two cheering me on. I sprinted for the last 100m or so and with that last surge it was over. I felt sick at the end, in fact I felt exactly as I did one year ago. And although I was disappointed that I didn't beat my first half marathon time of 2:36 which was so sad because I ran it in 2:26 in the practice Retina Run only a few weeks ago. I had to realize that a) I was sick and b) a year ago I felt like vomiting at the finish line after a 37min 5k. In one year I ran a half marathon twice and I think I need to be proud of that.
The rest of my group did amazing and it was so great to see how happy and energized everyone was. My two usual gals that I run with did amazing and I can't help but be a little jealous. I really want to have a second chance and run another half in May... but we will see.
I can't help feeling a sense of loss, it is the end of the clinic and I will miss everyone although I know many of us are moving on the the full and hopefully we will still see everyone at the Running Room. I am so grateful for the Running Room I could never have done this without there supportive clinics.
Today I went to the doctors and I have a bronch infection I am on antibiotics and the doctor was even supposed I finished, so sometimes life hands you lemons and you need to make the most of it!
So that was it... a day to remember! Congrats to everyone!

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