Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Distances

Over the last several weeks I have climbed to covering kilometers I never thought possible. First it was 23, then 26 and now 30 what an incredible accomplishment! Deep down inside I am so proud of myself and can barely believe that I am able to do it. Does it hurt? Yeah, sometimes. Does it take a lot of time? Oh yeah! Is it worth it? For sure!

Running is all I seem to think about, it consumes most of my brain and I cannot wait for the day that I become one of those few people who can say they have ran a marathon. I can't really imagine my life without running, what would I do with my time?

With the new distances covered, comes new fears. Right now I am worried about the next 12km and what about the damn wall... what will I do if I hit it? Although I love how far we have come, I still question my ability. The training is getting more intense and I really need to keep up the positive thoughts and believe in me!

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