Monday, March 29, 2010

An Ugly Run and What to do about Injuries?

Ok so Sunday was not the best 16k I have a ever ran. My legs hurt, I was tired and the funny thing is I knew this was going to be a rough run when I woke up. However, I was motivated by breakfast out wit the bestie.
Unfortunately, one of my good old running buddies was injured. Her knee just gave out, out of the blue. This got me thinking... how do you prepare for this? What makes the difference. I am so luck to not have suffered an injury but many of my friends seem to be experiencing this. How do I steer clear? Will I be next? And all before I can even call myself a runner.... I think the most important thing is to listen to your body, if it's not going to be a super star day then it's just not and it is important to be ok with this. We need to go slow when our body tells us to. Listening will be important because as much as I can say that I always listen and I never go to fast and I never push too hard we all know that this isn't quite the case, but as more and more of us are talking about physio and chiropractors and massage therapists I think it's time to become more in tuned.

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